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 WordPress Website

Your business requires a website and while there are a ton of options out there, I recommend building or having on on WordPress that’s self-hosted. 

WordPress has the ability to grow with your business but also offers a ton of features that you can incorporate! 

Just Canva It

You’ll need graphics to promote your offers and your business on your website + blog, and social media but not everyone is an expert in Photoshop nor has the desire to learn the program. 

Canva is a great alternative option to help you get going with graphics and you’re not hung up on not knowing how to put your graphics together. 

Start here!

Before you can move forward you have to know where you are now!

Success Mindset

Worksheets to stay on top of your mindset and don’t get stuck. 

September Marketing

Here you find your monthly planner, blog post, promo and newsletter ideas to help you get started!